Sunday, January 9, 2011

begging for a chance

what i really need, is a break, no strings attached. a break from all these pressures and expectations, so that i can fully focus on working on my animation. because currently, i feel extremely bogged down by all these tensions coming in from all sides. too many things going on the side, that are screaming for my attention. i just need a clean break where i only have one thing to focus on. sigh. can i make that happen for myself? give myself that break that i really need? and it's not really a break, because its sole reason is for me to focus on something really important. it's not like i want a summer break, a 24/7 vacation. sigh. is that too much to ask? seems like it is. please, someone, up there maybe, please grant me this one wish.. i need a clean slate. no more unnecessary problems distracting me..


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