Sunday, January 2, 2011

not enough awesomeness (present post)

only 1? that's not enough to make me come.

so there's this gig coming up in college, organized by some of my course mates. the other bands playing are, so-so. not good enough, just, mediocre. pretty boring if you ask me. lol. that's not enough to make me bear with all those people who i'm not close with. i only really like 1 band, and that's Tilu. i dunno, i really like her music. it's not too overbearing, like most of the local bands are. maybe in the near future she will eventually become overbearing. ha. just like this MiloTheActor on YouTube, he used to be cool and funny. but now he's ridiculously overbearing and not funny. the growing number of fans must have gone to the animator's head.

-paragraph deleted-

although death is the lamest solution, sometimes i'm just wishing it would come very, very soon for me.

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