Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sharing is caring (present post)

i just got back from a concert organized by my course mates. it was alright, but i really loved 2 bands in it. Tilu, definitely, and another one, One Night Service. it's a shame though that the second band doesn't have an album out yet. so i'm listening to my new Tilu album right now, which has the lead singer's signature on it, one in lipstick and another one in black pen. haha. don't ask why. but i'm feeling happy though, that's what good music does. but, i feel sad too.. kinda down, i have nobody special to share my passion, music with. i dunno. i always have this picture in mind, a special someone who loves the stuff i love too, and us sharing it. not having to enjoy things alone. and just now one of the performers reminded me of this guy i really like & used to hang out with. sigh.

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