Monday, February 7, 2011

Just My Luck

you know, sometimes i feel like losing myself inside a really good movie. with all that feel-good vibe, so far away from any wretched realities. with good people around me, enough cash to go through life, happiness, etc. but wait, i do have some good people in my life, but i just feel so far away from them. after watching a good movie, i just want that feeling to last for a long long time after that. the feeling that i get while watching the movie. it's contagious. i want it to be real, to last longer. it's like, when the show is over, the curtains are drawn, and real life sets back in.

i really like Lindsay Lohan's movies. well, the ones that aren't too mature and after all the sht that has been happening to her in real life. i like her in those movies. i just finished watching Just My Luck, and it left me yearning for all the good things in life, you know. it's just that, her movies tend to have this good vibe about them. i feel sorry for her that her real life has got to be kinda bad.. from what i've seen in the 'celebrity tabloids'. i enjoy watching her good movies like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and some more. they just leave a feel-good vibe inside of me. i feel happy after the endings. and how i wish my life would have that feel-good vibe permanently stuck with me. if only wishing hard enough could get me there.

hey, maybe i'm gonna write a story about this really depressed person wanting to get stuck inside a movie or something. but in the end, realizes that it's all about feeling good about yourself and your life. not being literally stuck inside a good movie. haha. but like my lecturer said, nothing is original under the sun. every story out there has already been made. so now it's about remaking it into a better version. if i can. maybe i might work on this some more. i'm really desperate to be feel the limelight and fortune. haha.

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