Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mad Eye Moody

so.... fucking sad. Please don't leave me hanging out here, to dry. And wonder, wonder, wonder. Sigh. I'm the worst person you can get, when it comes to pondering the unknown. Obsess, worry, and toss and turn, and shit, etc. Haha. Driving lessons, putting my heart out on a sleeve for a job, trying to win a bloody ticket. Well, the ticket's just for fun, nothing I'm too serious about, but just thought, hey, why not add it on to my plate as well. Hah. And about the job, it's my fault I'm damn picky. I could easily get a job, but noo, I must have a change of scene from the people that I know. Aaah. Think I'll give this a little more time, then I'll fall back on to my backup plan :(. To top off my bad mood, my cellphone got stolen. I really must not put things into the pockets of those pants I wore last night. I should have learnt my lesson by now. Those pockets really don't do much to hold things in em. Ughhhh. Why, mi cara.. mi corazon. Whyyy. Haha.

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