Monday, June 6, 2011

So high, so far away

Better to have never felt, than to have felt, only to have it taken away from you.


So I'm back from visiting my grandparents. Visited the nearby beach too. That was easily my favorite part. For the first time, I went all the way to the other side of the beach. The bridge connecting the main area had fallen in, not too badly, at least it was still manageable. So yeah, on the other side, there were less people, since not many wanted to 'brave' through that bridge. I have to say, it was totally worth it. I went all the way, off the bridge and on to the other side. The sand was pretty clean, soft and almost white. I climbed the rocks towering over the ocean splashing below, with my trusty dslr in its comfy bag. There were lovers sitting here and there on the rocks, some guys hanging out too. Not too many people. I climbed one of the highest rocks, overlooking the ocean below. Sat there, taking in the salty breeze, dangling my feet over the precipice. I could have easily jumped in and committed suicide. But I didn't. It was beautiful. Being so close to the edge, far away from technology, from the internet, far away from chaos. The only chaos came from the waters below my dangling feet. I stayed there as late as I could, because I had to get back before it was too dark to navigate my way through the fallen bridge. And man, you could easily fall many feet below that bridge, onto them huge rocks. Anyways, it was lovely, sitting in solitude on those rocks, listening to the waves splashing below me. The cool breeze blowing, inducing a new sort of calmness that I really love. I feel like I could lose everyone in my life, all the people that I loved, still be alone, meditate on those rocks, and still feel that inner peace. Actually, I don't even need to meditate, just sitting there in solitude already gives me inner peace. The simple things in life. Simple, yet beautiful. If I could choose, I would want to die there. Not specifically there, but the ocean, where I spend my time with my inner peace. If I were to get married, I would love it to be on the beach. Although at this rate, it sounds pretty far fetched, thinking of getting married. Lol. Anyways, just stating what I would do. I guess, I'm more of a beach person at heart. It was so lovely, the time that I spend there. And the previous times that I spent there. Alone too. and it doesn't matter if I don't have anyone else in my life. Sitting there, on those tall rocks. So high above, so far away... I just want more of that. Another brief chapter in my life, that I'd like to immortalize within the confines of my memories. I love it. I love sitting there. I don't need any expensive vacation package or any of those worrisome bullshit. All I need is just to go there, and enjoy my surroundings high above on those rocks. If I could do it again, I would go earlier, just to spend more time. I would lie down on my back, with nothing but the ocean and the breeze to accompany me in my solitude. It wouldn't matter if I don't have anyone to share that with, because I could have it all. If only I could do that again. God willing. I would definitely do that again. Sometime soon. Love thyself. Don't deny yourself the things that you love. When all else falls apart, I could still have my inner peace, if I could have my time with the beach. A decent beach, like the one that I've been to recently. So high, so far away. <3

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