Monday, June 27, 2011

this silence, waiting... is killing me slowly :(

i hope that the silence i'm getting from them just indicates their busy ness with some dead line. i hope that they will call me up sometime soon with the happy news that i got the job :(

the silence is making me queasy. so queasy :( i want to work in that studio so baaadly. not really interested in the other studios :( yeah i know, i'm picky. my dad warned me not to be so picky.. but i dunno, i just end up being so. it's almost inevitable :( i waaant it :( :( it's mostly because of the work that i'll be doing, the people i'm gonna / not gonna work with, the zen ness that i sense in the studio. lol. zen ness. but hey, that's a good environment to be in, if you're gonna be up against those deadlines and stuff. man, i wanna work there so badly. housing, might be an issue, but it's easily surpassed, i only need the green light to start working at that studio, then start working out the rest. shouldn't be such a problem, i've checked the area. :( why aren't they calling / e-mailing me already? :( :( man, it feels like i'm such a clingy and needy person, waiting for my date to call. hahah. but hey man, it's just work. well, work that i'd enjoy doing. sigh. :(

they said they'd email me on monday. which is today. why the silence?? :( :( *incontrollable sob* lol jk.

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