Sunday, July 15, 2012


Lost myself for a while. Met so many people, been through so much. Old and new. New shit, and new positive experiences. I'm trying to regain my mental composure and inner happiness. People come and go. We were born alone, and we will die alone. Life's journey is scary. But I will keep reminding myself of the things that I want to do in life and that occasional reminder keeps me trooping on. Oh, and I love this new Blogger app.

So I was still stuck in this mind rut, feeling too stagnant and unexcited.. I came across this friend of mine while browsing through Facebook. I just love being around him cuz he has this aura of self contained excitement/ self fulfillment. He's doing motion graphics, all on his own initiative. Maybe that's what I should strive for as well, just go for it. As for now, I have a full time job, but I intend to do what I love as well. Maybe that's why my psyche has been feeling down lately. I just needed that creative output, because there's just too much stored inside my head. Be a more, self fulfilled human being, and be a more pleasant presence around people. I'd love to be like that.

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