Friday, October 12, 2012

The Parrot

Recurring Dreams

I'm a college student, staying in the campus hostel. In my last dream (of this series of recurring dream), I found an abandoned parrot somewhere in the main dorm. Although I'm really inexperienced with taking care of pets, I pitied the abandoned parrot, and also thought it would be cool to have one. So I kept it in my room in a nice wicker basket for it to stay in, and for some reason it really liked to just stay in there. It doesn't fly around much. I would talk to it whenever it's feeding time, gave it water and left over crumbs.

In these dreams, my mum would often pay my dad a visit in our old home. (In my dreams, my parents are more civil and friendly towards each other). So I always drop by for a visit on weekends. Before doing so, I'll leave water for my parrot and some crumbs, and always told it where the food was and that I was going to be gone for a bit. I haven't brought my parrot along because my mother isn't too fond of the idea of me with pets. After a few weeks, I decided to bring my parrot along for my weekly visit to my parents. My grandparents were there as well for the weekend.

Everything was the usual, although my grandparents' visit was a nice surprise. It was a normal day and I hung around the kitchen with my grandmother. The small dining table was filled with food that my mum (and most probably my grandmother as well) cooked. They looked so good, and the fridge was filled with food. I don't know what's the deal with all that food, haha, but I was a happy camper going through them and tasting some, all the while chatting with my cheery old grandmother. My mother joined us for a bit.

After a while, they both left and I remembered my parrot underneath the table. I talked to it and gave it some food and water. It didn't look too well though, so I wrapped a piece of cloth around it. I asked it what was the matter and somehow made sense of what it needed. It looked pretty stuffy in its favorite wicker basket, one that it doesn't leave much. So I washed the parrot and the basket in the sink, and found some disgusting yellow goo as I was washing the parrot. (Ugh that's one of the reasons why I hate pets, I'm really queasy). Anyway, I've developed a bond with it, so it didn't gross me out that much. What was worrisome though, is that its feathers fell off as I was washing it and I freaked out. My mother heard me and she rushed to the kitchen, to find me standing there with a bald parrot.

Her initial reaction was expected, and then she calmed down and asked what was wrong with it. After taking care of the parrot, I decided to get it a proper birdcage and proper food the next time. It was my mistake after all. Aaaand... I woke up from the dream to a gentle downpour on a lovely Saturday morning. :)


You know they say dreams have a strong connection with what's going on in your real life, so this is where the fun part comes in - Figuring out what the dream means in accordance to how my life is going. It's funny when I have a recurring dream that plays out in episodes every time I have it. I don't think I've had this before, because the other recurring dream I had was an exact repetition, but this one isn't. Anyway, when I first had this dream, I didn't have a parrot. It only came into the picture just recently. I think I have a vague idea of what it means. I noticed it appeared only when I took the initiative to take care of myself, and get rid of all the negative/harmful people and activities in my life. And recently, I've been having a hard time falling asleep at night, and keeping track of things during the day time. I didn't feel too well up in my head. Something felt off emotionally even though it's not the time of the month yet. And that's when the parrot started getting really ill in my dream last night, to the point of physical change, and then my dream self decided to give it proper care and equipment that it needs the next time (which I think is the next episode of dreaming. Haha even my dreaming self knows that there would be a next time for that session of dreaming). So I guess how the next episode of that dream plays out depends on how well I take care of myself during my waking hours. I wonder though, why a parrot...

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