Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fuck You Paypal!

Yeah fuck you guys...

..for lousy service. I can't remove my bank account from my profile, and I can't just simply fucking close my account. I wanted to e-mail them directly for customer support, but nooooooo, they redirected my attempts to email them to an already existing FAQ, which redirects me to their ever so friendly customer message:

Accounts with limited access cannot be closed.

So yeah, I can't even fucking close my account, which still has my goddamn bank account linked to it. My bank account which I can never ever ever fucking use online because it's concretely tied to a compromised paypal account, an account which I cannot even close. What's the logic behind this anyway? The fact that they don't allow customers to close their account when it has been compromised. WHY?

Another argument is the "Help" database. So I clicked on a link for the answer on closing Paypal accounts. And this is what I got:

This answer is no longer available

We’re sorry, this answer is no longer available. We are updating this information and it should be available soon. Please check back or ask us another question in the Help Center.

Did we answer your question? Yes No

Hahaha fucking hilarious. How soon, is your soon, team Paypal? My account has been compromised since last year, so that was when I last checked and tried every other way to undo the mess that my compromised account has gotten into. This year, still no go? Boohoo. What is the matter with you guys.

With its seriously unreliable system, I hope more of their customers will find issues with them, so as to stop the usage of Paypal as the popular choice of online payment. I'm not too worried. The knots will come undone sooner or later. Serves them right.

Speaking of unsatisfied Paypal customers, I typed "Fuck you Paypal" into google just for fun, and it got this many hits in 0.25 seconds:

About 2,830,000 results

Won't be long now. Karma will find its way. A company offering better services will be taking over Paypal soon. As for the bad karma,  first and foremost, I'm targeting it to the pinhead whom has caused my account to be compromised and then its Paypal for being so uncooperative with situations like these. Talk about a year long grudge.

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