Friday, November 30, 2012

Girls and Guys

I get really offended when I come across articles that goes something like, "Signs You Are Losing Him and How to Get Him Back". Why should us girls exhaust our time and emotional resources on unappreciative guys. All these articles talking about the girls having to put in so much to get the guy. I'd say, just leave the distant bastard, and let a much eager guy into your life. Unless of course, you have absolutely reviewed the situation and think it's worth hanging around, maybe for a little bit longer.

I know I'm hanging around with mine because I don't feel like going out with new guys. And also for the emotional patience thing, which is an asset that I think I really need. Also, I am so not chasing after the distant boyfriend. I refrain myself and hence instilling patience.

If his intentions are real in the long run, then it's perfect for both of us. I'll be so thrilled, because I'm really into the guy, and would never agree to be in a relationship with someone I'm not into. If he's in it for something else, then I'll just up and leave him for someone else. Since I already have options waiting. Never go home a loser. I always bounce back up after a disappointment. Well I have to be adaptable.

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