Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just Sadness

Once in a while, it is good for the soul to just let your walls crumble down and tears roll down your cheeks.

Reflect on and acknowledge the things that truly make you sad deep down inside. It's unhealthy to suppress your emotional baggage, it's unhealthy too, to always let yourself get dragged down because of them.

I've been moving on, being a strong 'grown up'... But for tonight, the curtains are closed and I'm sitting on a stool alone on the stage, lights out.

After this, move on to my safe zone. Some place comforting in my mind. Then, move on to building up my emotional strength. Go back to my untouchable, but happy self. That sad love song that made me feel really down moments ago has finally started to sound like an uplifting song of hope and love for the things and people that are still here with me.

Opening up past wounds and healing myself once again.

Still human? Check!

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