Monday, April 22, 2013

Dat Feeling

I wanna feel like a million bucks everyday.

Which consists of an outstanding personality and attitude, a good income flow, a great physical appearance, and a stellar group of friends... Perhaps an all-star significant other as well if I'm fortunate enough. ;)


It tires me out mentally sometimes, all this effort in trying to reach the top of my game, because it goes against my lazy, shy and pacifist natural self. I read somewhere that while we're still young, we should never ever feel entitled. Basically it just means that we shouldn't already feel comfortable with our current state, that feeling when we think we deserve to rest and just settle down. It totally makes sense regarding our youthful age and really slaps a sense of reality onto myself. Whatever effort that we put into our lives now, will determine the lifestyle that we'll have when we're older and physically unable to go on. That's when we're really fucked, lol. So yeah, I'll just have to remember not to get too content that I'll have that false sense of entitlement. As long as I can, I'll have to go on. I just need to remember. Remember, remember. And remain inspired. Inspiration and motivation.

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