Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Skinny On Boring

Coming from someone who used to be very fat, I'd have to say that skinny people are pretty boring. Except the ones who might have worms in their stomachs because no matter how much they eat, they'll always stay pretty bony. Anyways. Yeah, they don't, or can't, enjoy good food often - only like once a month. Ugh. But I have to stick to the boring skinny person's life. It's unfair that my mum and sister are naturally skinny and I'm not. It comes to them naturally and I always got to work hard for it. I'm such a fat person who loves food. It makes me so happy. I miss my ex. We were happy together and ate a lot together. He doesn't care. Alas, good people never last. Well, it's too fucking good to be true.

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