Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Letter

To someone whom I used to go out with and deeply care for:

I grew up within a very tolerant environment, where families and friends lived in harmony, regardless of race and religion. It was only when I'm much older and moved elsewhere that I finally felt a more intolerant, racist environment. Trust me, if there was any racism or religious intolerance going on back then, my childhood would be scarred, even if just a little bit. I can honestly say that I have no such scars from my childhood. I'm grateful for my parents and the people that I grew up with. I just wish that you and your family could've felt the beauty of such tolerance within your community and relatives. Now you've grown up with their ideologies cemented within you - bitter and resentful towards people for something that they were born as, even towards me. It's such a shame. I guess I was more privileged to grow up in such a healthy and positive environment, even though we used to move a lot. It may be hard for you to undo the damages now, but I can only hope for a similarly positive and blissful frame of mind and existence for you, regarding tolerance of others' race and religion. Because of that problem which you cannot undo, we have to go our separate ways, even when I didn't want to give up on you. All the best to you, and goodbye.

I'm really hoping to make peace with this forever.

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