Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Saw A Turtle

I used to have turtles, "The most boring pet ever!" like a friend used to say. I'd have to chuckle along because I do agree, it's true. I was really upset just now, at home, so I had to step outside for a while, to reclaim my sanity. I hung out by the swimming pool, intending to smoke myself to death, in the lovely warmth of the Sunday afternoon sun. My plans were unmet when it started raining heavily. Seeing as how I couldn't bear to stay at home, I sought shelter under one of the pool's gazebos. The rain reflected my emotions at that time as I sat there, brooding and halfheartedly trying to bring myself back into a positive, calmer state of mind. Just laying down on a bench, smoking, thinking, and occasionally just meditating on the sounds around me. "Water is cleansing," I repeated to myself. After a while, the rain lessened, just like my dark thoughts. When I opened my eyes, I saw a turtle peering up at me from the pool right beside my bench. I always thought they kept fish in that pool. Apparently they have replaced them with a turtle. I was surprised to find that little guy peering up at me when I opened my eyes. It just kept swimming along, appearing very curious indeed by its surroundings. For some reason, it cheered me up. It made me smile, and then giggle, just looking at it go about its business. Turtles, the most boring pet ever. But this one cheered me up today.

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