Tuesday, October 1, 2013


There's no denying it, but people will leave once you show them that you need them. To keep people around, you gotta always show that you're a strong person, with absolutely no cracks showing, constantly smiling. I guess I'm just disappointed in people, just kept on wishing that I'd find some decent people who would stick around, but no, they will eventually go away when your cracks start to show. Just shows that you can't depend on anyone, no expectations, except that they will be around you for the good times. Nobody wants to be around you when you're facing your demons. I guess I've been trying to prove myself wrong regarding this, but I kept on being proven otherwise. People are just... well human, I guess. It's too much to ask for a good samaritan. It's God all the way, only He can be counted on. Get yourself closer to him. People are just there for the good times. But He will listen to all your problems and provide for you what you need. I think I just need to find my footing in regards to this.

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