Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Journey's End

You've been barraged by a series of trials that were hard to withstand, but you did it. You came out alive on the other side, with a handful of lessons. Now that you're on the other side, victorious, tears roll down your face. You've got your lessons, now learn from them, and keep them with you wherever life leads you from now on. Let those tears roll down your cheeks, as they are of those of your past mistakes, which are being cleansed out of your system. Tears are good for the soul, signifying so much at the end of another successful journey. You are a human being, renewed, time and time again. When it is finally your time to go, and when there will be no turning back, you are more ready than you ever were. Never underestimate the experience that you went through, for it is a matter of perspective. Not everyone walks the same journey. Don't feel bad about your scars, for they are a commemoration to how victorious you were in handling your past issues, the best you could. Peace and love.

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