Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reprogramming Changes

We live in a world where everything we know is wrong. 

I'm trying to recalibrate my mindset and change my aspirations, to my true purpose of life. This will require great effort, reprogramming all that I've been taught from the wrong teachers that I took from this so called western 'civilization'. But I will get there someday, because it is worth it for the eternal life after death. In my heart, this feels more right, compared to what I've been exposed to and chasing after previously.

I will, to the best of my current abilities, not follow those who try to take me away from my purpose, those who try to lead me back to the life of lies, darkness, depression and confusion. Oh yes, on the surface, it all glitters and shine, but underneath it all? The glitter and shine doesn't last, and there's always some kind of bad backlash that comes after. I've been there, done that, and I could testify. Don't you dare call me a stuck up prissy who doesn't know what's being talked about! In the end, I will be the one who has to stand by the choices that I made. They only wanted to pull me into their backward life for their amusement, no matter how temporary. Let them be, but I will not be a part of it, because I'm the one who has to stand by the choices that I made. Here's to being steadfast in our choices, no matter how other people will try to manipulate us out of them.

I've come across people like this, when I told them about my changed approach to life. All in a nutshell, there were the emotional manipulators, guilt trippers, blackmailers, etc. All of whom had a different journey in life than mine, but the way they reacted to my change, it doesn't show that they understand why I did what I did. They did not respect my choices and just let me be. I did not even try to rope them into my new way of life, but they try to rope me back into their way of life - How is that even fair? Why should I listen to those who will lead me back to my destruction? Be it emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual destruction.

Thank God I have people in my life, who welcome me with open arms when I told them about my changed perspective in life. They understood that we all have different journeys, but those are the journeys that will eventually lead us to our true purpose in life. They understood, respected and elevated me. Those are the ones I will keep around, until we meet each other again in the after life. Keep away from those who don't understand and selfishly try to lead us astray. We will help each other in this ongoing test, to the best of our abilities. I haven't written here in ages, but I've had a lot going on and they're just bubbling to be written down. Haha.

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