Sunday, March 30, 2014

Listen To Yourself

I feel like eating until I become really really really fat. When I'm sad, I eat. And it has to be yummy food, not the healthy crap, lol. I want extra cheesy pizza, lasagna, big fries, burgers dripping with their juices, ice cream, the whole lot.

What I put into my body is for myself, and not because of some guy. I have not been dieting and exercising because I'm waiting around for my dream guy to come. I do it because it makes me feel good about myself, knowing that I'm not a fat slob. But right now, what would make me feel happy and full is really fattening stuff. Ergo, I should stuff my face until I feel happy again. Haha!

Then when this depression is over, and the fat person guilt starts trippin' in, the rigorous gym sessions will commence once again. I guess that is the metabolic circle of my 20's. Haha.

Sometimes, exercising won't exactly help when you're depressed, because it'll just make you feel more frustrated and tired and feel like punching the buttons on the treadmill until they pop out of their sockets. So, do what makes you feel most happy. Take care of yourself, listen to what you really want. Right now I just want fatty fatty fatty food, yum! I feel so deprived of them, lol.

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