Saturday, March 15, 2014

Starry Starry Night

An amusing thought just occurred to me. I saw some wedding photos that an acquaintance was tagged in, and it got me thinking. I notice how there are some pretty outdoorsy, field type of situations where the couple photograph themselves after the wedding. If I had the chance to do mine, I would make it out in the open underneath the starry, starry sky. Now that's something I haven't seen being done for the 'after' of the wedding pictures. I have seen some regular pictures of people out in the open with the night skies brightly lit with stars, and they're wonderful. So why not, if I were to choose a theme for the pictures, it would be a starry, starry night. Lol. It's okay though, if I never ever get the chance to do so. It's just an amusing thought to entertain.

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