Saturday, December 18, 2010

that damn tornado. (present post)

been sick lately, with the flu. tagline: tornado in my nose. so currently i have a lot of work to do, especially regarding the final year animation groupwork. i'm supposed to draw a stylized tornado. but even if i do draw it, how the heck are we gonna actually execute it? well my game plan is to try to create one, take a screen shot of it. because if you draw it, there's no confirmation that we can actually create it. so i don't wanna f ing waste my time drawing it out. especially since i'm using an f ing mouse.

so i found this really cool standalone plugin/renderer, especially for particles and it's called Krakatoa. unfortunately it's compatible for 3dsMax. damn. the latest one is more stable in terms of connecting with other 3d platforms, so i'm really hoping i could figure out how to connect it with Maya and create that awesome tornado i saw. and then manipulate it to my desire. >:)


i'm only scared of the time that i have left, to figure it out and execute it. i really hope no extra headaches (as in technical issues, licensing, blah etc) will block my way.

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