Saturday, December 18, 2010

getting physical (present post)

i really feel embarrassed about the previous post. i'll delete most of it. it's too long and emo so.. off with its head!

anyways, just finished watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show 2009. downloaded a whole lot of their annual shows from the campus server. someone uploaded them. i enjoy watching them; what outrageous outfit they're gonna come up with, what gimmicks, stage design.. it's all awesome. not that hugely awesome, but yeah, it's pretty inspiring to see the designs and ideas. the downside? i feel bad about my weight and looks. haha. but in a good way. not that i'm gonna go all crazy to make myself look like a supermodel and crash dieting and stuff, just taking extra care of my physical appearance. so that at least i could look and feel presentable in a social setting. heh. for example, i've started drinking oolong tea, like i mentioned in a previous post, it increases the resting metabolism by 10 percent. i take more care of my face, bought several facial packs, for more radiant skin. haha. as usual, i always moisturize my skin, using Vaseline Total Moisture. it's especially for dry skin. i feel pretty good about myself. though i don't exercise that much. haha. at least i'm not just being a couch potato and stuffing my face in my excess time. i find that when i'm not at home, i pretty much have to rush every where i go, and not having a car, i get a lot of exercise for my feet -,-. so yeah, i think i'm good for now.

i looked up the history of Victoria's Secret. the name intrigues me. makes me wonder, who is Victoria? why is it called her secret? so i found some websites, and it's such a shame that the founder, Roy Raymund, committed suicide. all because the business went bankrupt. but then it was bought out by another company, and that's when it starts its road to success until this day. such a sad history. i think it should specially create a show to pay homage to Roy Raymund, who had the brilliant idea in the first place. like a special edition fashion show. uh whatever. my brain's fried now. too sick to think straight.

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