Friday, December 31, 2010

zen, hopefully (present post)

i'm sick and tired of all this clutter in my life, in my head. i've always been sick of it. it's the new year already, although i don't feel anything for it.. cuz i've got nothing special planned for that particular day. heh. lame.

anyway, i'm just here, meditating, practicing. i really feel the need to train myself to be more zen. it would be nice to clear my head and have more focus in whatever i'm doing. a clear head, and more precision. it all starts in my head. sometimes i delusion myself that i'm a superhero in training, mastering the art of zen. training myself. ha. what a joke. anyways, this is real life.

i haven't been diligent in my meditation recently, though i'm working on myself to get back on track. but so far, i feel a sense of attachment to it, the enjoyment of bliss and looking forward to meditation. just now, i felt like just doing on with my exhaling.. didn't feel like breathing in, just keep on exhaling. it feels so calm.

An orchid doesn't lose its fragrance just because no one notices how good it smells.

the saying has nothing to do with the previous statements. just felt like sharing it. here's a really good meditation ambient music.

and Happy New Year! whoever you are. if you're reading this. -,-

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