Thursday, February 10, 2011

cheers to working out tomorrow

i'm so f in bored with my life right now, nobody to hang out with, that i'm just gonna do my work. at least it gives me a purpose to me in my life. man, i hope things will turn out so much better for me in the future. money, friends.. and maybe i might even go to the gym more often. i went yesterday, and it was good. today, my ab muscles are aching tho. haven't done the fencing workout for my abs in years. haha. in years. but working out at the gym did make me feel good yesterday. and today totally sucks. cuz the female session's in the morning, and i woke up late. it's f ing hard to get to sleep at night. sigh. i don't wanna go to the gym during the male session, i might get kicked out or something else bad happens. sigh. i wanna work out. i need the g damn endorphins. argh. maybe i should force myself to wake up earlier tomorrow. hm. i really should. here's cheers to working out tomorrow.

i want this!

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