Friday, February 11, 2011

The Mental ist

so i've just started watching season 1 of The Mentalist, out of curiosity. straight to the point, i've noticed many similarities between what I have been doing with people that I've encountered, and between what the mentalist does in the show. except that he has perfected his art far more compared to me. it's a damn show anyways. but sometimes there's a grain of truth to it.

i just thought that what i've been subconsciously doing is pretty useless.. except for draining my thoughts' energy. but i can see how it can be put to use in this show. i don't know how real it is in real life, but i sure do feel it, everyday, it's inside me. i've been doing it, but i have yet to hone my skills. plus, i've only been doing it as a means of self defense from social politics. how i do not favor the way things are run among my peers, and etc. but i dunno, as i get older, i've become in touch with this side of me, and didn't know how possibly real it could be, until i watched this show. so now i can work on my 'mental' skills and be able to influence people, to get ahead in life. haha.

one thing in the show that really caught my attention is episode 2 of season 1. it was when the main character used his skill to win a succession of scissors, paper, stone against his opponent. coincidently, i've used the exact thinking to beat my friend against that game too. except that when i grew tired of all that unnecessary thinking, i would lose. when i put my mind to it, i would win, every single time. it struck me as odd, that. i also didn't wanna kid myself with delusions of grandeur.. like i have some sort of super power or something. but watching that show, just gave me something to ponder.. about its reality and usefulness. this type of skill is just something that has been revealed to me over the years, lonely and confused with people's often wretched behavior. it has become something that i have been subconsciously honing to perfection. i'm just not there yet, not that great at reading people. but on some level, yes. in fact, it does exist in real life. google it up yourself.

 so now that i am assured of its realness, i'm definitely going to brush up my ability. it's definitely gonna come in handy for my future. plus, i'm not that good in socializing with people, but the weird thing is, i can read them, most of the time. i guess it's a product from being hidden behind the curtains, away from the spotlight, that i am able to spend my years trying to figure people out without talking to them much. haha. but it's also a good thing, because simply communicating has many times lead to misunderstanding. so having this ability as an asset, definitely curbs that problem. i thought i was just over thinking too much, and that i need to shut my mind up. but it's definitely gonna be more useful now.

here's one statement that proves to be very useful:
the truth is in the subconscious and a lie is in the conscious.

taken from this website.

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