Thursday, March 24, 2011


Taurus needs to be matched with a sign that will provide stability and will appreciate its devotion.

Taurus is a practical and cautious sign.Taureans crave stability and security more than anything else.They want a loving home and a supporting family.People born under Taurus have a strong sex drive but are not promiscuous.They rarely will have a one-night stand and safe sex is very important to them. A Taurean expects their partner to be completely faithful because they are wholly devoted themselves.Unfaithfulness is a quality that a Taurus can never forgive in their partner.They enjoy slow seduction and rarely make the first move.They want to be wooed.They don't want to work too hard for love.They hate to be rushed and will dig in their heels and resist whole-heartedly if they feel pressured.Taureans can't stand emotional games.They prefer things to be straightforward and simple.Taurus resides in the House of Money and Possessions, so Taureans love all the finer things in life.They crave comfort in their surroundings.They want a good meal and a warm, soft bed to sleep in.In return for all of these things, a Taurean's partner can expect undying devotion, a comfortable home, and a very active sex life.  

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