Friday, May 27, 2011

Another crazy / great idea

When I've already started working, I might take trips to the local islands on the weekends, once a month. I've found some really good package deals. VERY affordable, especially with the salary that I'll be getting (even at the minimum!). Okay, damn. This kind of makes me not wanna get a job overseas, since we already have great islands here, and affordable travel packages. Don't worry, I'll fucking get a job first, before daydreaming even more. Just a matter of updating my portfolio with my latest project, which I haven't been able to do, since I was busy. Anyway. Now, what would be nice if I had a honey whom I could take with me on my trips, and share those moments with him (I'm straight, okay, mofos. hahah.). Island dreams, huh. Dreams which I will make a reality, no matter what. Dreams of a high paying job, eh. I will make that come true too, no matter what it takes. Hell yes, I have broken myself down, blood, sweat and tears. Funny what a seemingly harmless job can do to you. Guess it's the most harmless ones that can do the worst to you. ggg. It is time that everything starts paying off. This fucking journey. Sorry, but I cuss a lot. :).

I love you, and you, and you. So much love to go around, since I am still fucking single! haha. Meh, what matters the most is when you found someone special. Not give it to just anyone. That's bull. I'm tired of it. Man, I miss you, love. It's crazy that he's on my mind, no matter what I do, or who I'm with - even when hanging out with loads of friends, he's still the one that my head wanders off to. Now that's sucky a.d.d. Unrequited, eh. Ha ha. You sad wanker, you. Anyways, he got me hooked, really hooked, in the first place. A dangerous territory to wander off to, is our earlier dates. hot damn. Sounds like a promising setting for a song, like many other songs that has already been created. Ha, so original. not. But really, it isn't fair, you know, to pull someone in, only to push them out. Kind of harsh, isn't it. Unforeseen circumstances? Whatever your reasons may be, you have left someone who is missing you... a whole goddamn lot. Okay, this was supposed to be a post just about this crazy / great idea, but ends up with him, again. What the fuck? Boy, have you put some voodoo or some sort on me? To make me think of you ceaselessly, no matter where I'm at, what I'm doing, who I'm with. This is.... madness. hah. And girl, you're loony. Please put me out of this misery :(.

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