Monday, May 30, 2011

yes, come on, stir up my wrath.

so you have dragged me to your level. as in, that stressed, fidgety, neurotic person who can't take a chill pill. so you have dragged me to that level, to your level. SATISFIED??!

don't think i have something worked out in my head? you love taking me to your level, don't you, can't get your FUCKING PEACE OF MIND unless i'm as unhappy as you are. unless i'm feeling what you're feeling. fucking vindictive human weaknesses. it's not my problem if i'm in a situation, i do not choose to fucking act like you. it's not my problem if i CHOOSE to lessen the stresses in my life. YOU CHOOSE TO BE STRESSED, and now you want others to take that same fucked up path that you fucking chose! here I was, carefully planning out my next moves, providing backup actions where things could go wrong, and adapting to whatever fucked up situation that people and circumstance puts me through. no fucking car, no fucking key, etc. so yeah, i faced all that bullshit in a calm state of mind. which i might add, allows more space for well thought decisions and actions. and now, you came along and fucking forced and RUSHED me into a situation, a fucking ridiculous situation, where i can't help but get stressed out. yeah, who wouldn't in a fucking ridiculous situation that you don't necessarily have to go through, but some prick forces you to go through just to give himself a peace of mind. getting stressed out just for the sake of looking like i'm fucking doing something. isn't that fucking USELESS? getting stressed out just for superficial reasons, which in fact, blocks your ability to fucking THINK THINGS THROUGH. i fucking hate that mentality, where they fucking want you to look stressed, so that they will fucking feel satisfied that you are not just doing nothing, feeling carefree and shit. where in fact, i am as fucking stressed out as you are. i just choose not to FUCKING INDULGE IN IT. UNLIKE YOU! i don't want to be anything like you! so fucking stressed and shit. you must be so fucking happy now that you have brought me down to your fucking level, aren't you!

sometime soon, i must either buy a punching bag and hand wraps, or take up kickboxing classes once again. depends. but the punching bag and hand wraps is a must. especially needed in my workplace? depends. if it isn't as bad as working with my final year project group mates, I'll be using it in my home then. often. fucking angry.

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