Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Crazy Angel

Scenario 1
You know, that real love you felt for someone? When there's that small feeling of anticipation, that teensy crush you have for someone, then that someone gives you the green light, and you find yourself immersed in those crazy, romantic feelings. Embraced it with arms wide open, obviously, and filling yourself up with those feelings. And there's no escape, you have been caught inside the tangled web of 'love'. You just gave yourself in to it. No fucking escape, man.

Scenario 2
You know you're safe, when you have that micro crush on someone, but it never leads to anywhere. Nobody gave any green light. You had your fun with that someone, maybe even tease yourselves into a somewhat 'romantic' indulgence. Just played around. Words of adoration exchanged, lightheartedly. And if that person decides to leave you, you couldn't fucking care less. Honestly felt nothing in your heart when that person runs off. There were no real feelings to begin with. And you were just amusing yourselves. Nothing to escape from, nothing to regret. Nobody lead anybody on. No feelings hurt, no hearts destroyed. Sweet.

What's my fucking point in writing about these two scenarios? I have no fucking idea. And I'm not even drunk. I wonder what I'll be like if I'm drunk for real. But I guess you should be more worried, if you're like this when you're not even drunk/stoned. Mental. "Screws up in your head loose." - Marshall Mathers.

And yes, I'm still your straight bitch. Biatch!

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