Thursday, June 2, 2011

definitely not unaware

am I high? or am I aware? you see me do something stupid, or uncharacteristic of me, and wonder. chances are that I'm both. Yes, I'm aware of what I'm doing, the consequences and what people might think. Frankly, it's either I really don't care, or I'm just fucking pulling your leg for my own amusement... trolling, perhaps. Now here's a thought, what if the troll-er is actually being trolled? Haha. Hilarious. =|. But really, you shouldn't take me seriously, you horny asswipe. All those, "Ooohs, aaaahs, mmmmmm..", hahaha that is hilarious shit. Yes, shit. Why would I ever get into that sort of thing for real. The real thing's better, man. Get a life. It's just funny to play along. Though I have a feeling that trolls are on both ends. Lol. Geez, I actually tried to make 'high' and 'aware' rhyme. Though of making a poem, especially for you.. until I realized how stupid I was being. My brain must be shutting down.

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