Monday, June 6, 2011

Off to where the grass is greener

So my grandparents are staying with us, at the moment. Followed us back. You know, me being an island on my own and shit, not really opening up to anyone. Well, I just had a talk with my grandmother, something I'm so not used to. You know, heart to heart talks. Maybe I did use to have it with mum, but that was another lifetime ago. Anyways. It was new for me, talking like that to anyone, after a long, long, long dry spell.

I will never kill myself. Commit suicide. Because it isn't worth it, to hurt the people that I really do care about. I've never really felt that, like words are just mere, empty words. But now I can truly mean those words that I said.

Okay, on another note. I'm pretty psyched about my new and improved portfolio. Here's to getting a highly paid job abroad. Yeah mann! God, please save me from my personal black hole.

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