Monday, June 27, 2011

In the voice of Rachel

oh god, oh god, oh god. extremities. and now  I'm left with a throbbing headache. if I'm not careful, I might fall sick again, literally a fever. Sickness from illnesses of the mind. Just one of those moments when I want to die. But I guess it isn't as bad as the last times.. you know, when it was so bad that I cut myself. I don't feel like doing that anymore. But God, this just feels so horrible. :( I should have my dinner, but I don't feel hungry. How do I make myself happy again.. This is just too fucking weird. Extremely zen and okay one moment, and now feels like I'm gonna fall sick from the horrible stuffs that has been happening. Mind over matter.. and my mind is corroding at the moment. Feeling tired too. So goddamn tired. Think I'm gonna have to lie down for a bit. I need a hug real bad :(

Maybe, it is time for another orgasm? Lol. Like that would help. Do your research if you want to find out more about its 'healing' powers. ahaha. btw, my GFO attempt tonight was a total FAILURE.

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