Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Personal reminder

When I have my own home, extra cash to splurge, I'm gonna decorate the walls with skateboard decks. One of the things that I really love. Skateboarding. Just a reminder of who I used to be, what I used to really love.. what I still love, actually. I also wanna grow a collection of knives, switchblades. Haven't bought one yet. They're so pretty :). I do have a skateboard, but it's not the proper one, just a cheap one that I used to practice on. I also have a miniature finger skateboard, that might also be a collection that I'll expand. :)

Haha I'm watching 'The Man Who Souled the World'. It just reminded me of something that I was really passionate about. <3

Oh and I will definitely be putting up my fencing equipment - like the mask and my epee's. Just another portion of my life and who I used to be. Something that I also look back upon with loving memory. LOL.

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