Tuesday, June 7, 2011

enough. tired

I'm just tired of getting hurt all the time. I'm sure you understand, don't you. Nah, I don't hate your guts, I'm just fucking tired of getting hurt.

Another thing is, why is it that none of the people I know, ever says 'Sorry'? Not even when they did something that is so obviously wrong. Well, only other person I know who uses that word sincerely is my mum way back then. I don't know, society really is falling to pieces. They don't mean what they say, and they never do what's right, especially not sincerely. You can just forget it.

Maybe I'm just being a pushover, by trying to stand by those values. Ah, whatever. I like courteousness and chivalry. I just won't be around you that much, if you can't appreciate that.

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