Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The woes of movie adaptations

So I'm barely halfway into the Harry Potter movie, and it has been unsatisfactory so far. Well, in terms of staying true to the book, obviously. I guess it has gotten much worse for the fourth installment. The characters are especially lousy at staying true to the book. Well, the least they can do is that if the movie can't follow the storyline exactly, they should at least retain the characters' characteristics according to the book. But dammit, they're so bloody different. Most of them. Except maybe just  the 2% that makes me a happy reader + audience. But really, the actors who deviate too much from the characters in the book just make me feel so... unsatisfied. Kinda pissed off at them too, lol. I mean, that's the least they could do - embody the characters in the book. I totally understand the time constraint issues, that they're unable to follow the book page by page. Oh the disappointment of storybook adaptation. There was this production that made a smart move by retelling the sequel to a book instead of adapting the movie to the silver screen. Can't remember which movie it was though.

Oh, and what the fuck, the Triwizard golden egg looks like an eggplant. Hahaha. Man, I need better movies to watch. I miss the super speedy intranet downloads on campus.

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