Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well if he's going to that event, I'll be avoiding it like the plague, if I can. He's just one of those people who make my hairs raise on end, with anger. That bad, huh. Yep. One of those people I absolutely cannot stand. We used to do work together, and he's so horrible. It seems like one of those things I can't get over with - I can't even pretend to be nice to him any longer. It's like, I require every ounce of fiber I have, just to be cordial to him. It's unfortunate that things have to be this way, but what with certain circumstances and people, it just seems to be inevitable. He was cool at first, but as time passes by, he just becomes so horrible. I just can't get over it. I don't think I should be in his presence, it just triggers the fury within me. Sure, many of my other friends will be at that event, I don't mind them at all. But if he's going, I don't think it's safe for either of us to risk bumping into each other. Not even spot each other from a distance. He's just one of those rare people in my life who instantly triggers every ounce of fury I have within me. Lol.

Sucks though, I wanted to go. But not that badly anyways. Ugh buzzkill. Maybe if we went somewhere else during the day, and went there during the night.. I guess it's safer, since would be much darker and hopefully a cooling night. Cooling for the rising tempers, hopefully. Lol. Lessens the risk of me bursting with fury at the sight of him - if I do see him there. Lol. Funny eh, put this in your mental image.. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. I'll be leaping out at him and clawing bits and pieces out, like the Hunter in Left 4 Dead 2. Omg. That's just too horrible. Lol. Fucking vivid imagination. Now that fills me with remorse to have such thoughts towards another.. Awww.

I guess he's the type of person who brings out the worst in others. I wonder what that says about him, and the affected people. Even my other group mates don't really like him. Some of my other course mates don't seem too keen on him, either. But at least they can still speak to him cordially, even though they speak ill of him behind his back. I know I don't speak badly about people behind their back, if I could help it. But I can't even pretend to be friendly to him. He just makes me too mad. Grr. So I guess if I really hate your guts, it will definitely show. Man, I'm so readable. Even my friends say that. At least they say that I'm just obviously honest in a way. Aha.

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