Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Electronic Zombie Updates

Been a long time since I actually wrote in here. So many things have happened, so many cool new things bought. For starters, I'm currently using my brand new iPhone to write this lonely blog post. Yes, I finally got an iPhone, haha! It's a 16GB iPhone 4. Got it at a much cheaper price from my babe's older sister. And yes, we are still together, although things do get rocky between us. We're still sticking together due to the happiness that we share throughout the hardships that we've been facing. The workstation in my room looks almost unrecognizable. So many new stuff I bought, with my money (I'm Proud to say). Its on it's way to looking like a full fledged design artist's work station, lol! I'm not there yet, not yet a highly paid artist working abroad, but I will make it come true soon enough. It's scary, thinking of all the things I have to go through first before I can fully make it. But God willing, I will! I'll be so happy that I finally got everything that I have ever wanted, and to be able to give back to my family, finally. Scary future. But hey, I have come back, with a written update on what my life has amounted to thus far. God willing I will write back with a much better update and pretty much everything on my life's checklist complete. Pray for me, pray for us all.

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