Saturday, August 25, 2012

Before I Forget..

It would be nice to have someone I could just be with in a comfortable silence.

I get tired of this game. Constantly meeting new people, being around people whom I know won't be around for long. Sometimes I just yearn for that special person I could just depend on every time. It never works out. When it isn't meant to be, it just won't. Every time that disappointment happens, I tell myself to keep trooping on, smile. Picking up the pieces after myself, be cheerful again. Remind myself not to feel down for too long. When things aren't meant to be, it won't happen. Something better will always come along. Sure it does. But at times like these, I step back and start to feel that emptiness inside. I start missing the person I used to be with, start regretting the things that went wrong, wishing the good times would last. They never do. Because there will be better things to come. I have to keep reminding myself before I get carried away with the sadness and forget how to be happy again. That constant reminder of things to look forward to. That's why I absolutely have to stay away from things that could potentially ignite even the smallest spark of sadness. It's a tough job trying to look after my sanity, peace of mind. A constant effort. Maybe in time, it will eventually be etched in my persona and that constant lingering sadness will be no more. I'll have to keep pushing myself in the meantime. This exercise will finally pay off, I know it. I just gotta pull through these hard times. Constant personal growth. I don't want to be easily dragged down, for the sake of my sanity and others around me. Here's to better things that will come our way. :)

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