Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bus Ride Alone

So it was the holiday season and I didn't have Internet while visiting family. So here's what I wrote during the 4 hour bus ride. Some good old solitude.

Bored without the internet. Just waiting for stars that never seem to come out. Thinking that it might be good to spend the time in the bus just contemplating whatever that comes to mind. Trying to psyche myself up for what's to come, because honestly, I'm feeling blank. Not excited, nor sad, about the time that will be spent with family. Wait, come to think of it, listening to deep house music on my head phones isn't so bad. It's dark in here, outside as well, although still starless. I can't wait for the millions of stars to come out and I shall keep watching them in the darkness with my deep house music on full blast. Wonderful. In the meantime, the dark skies slashed by the occasional lightning shall suffice. Awesome feelings. Complete darkness and deep house music. I love my life, lol.

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