Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank You

Blank slate (blog entry field), don't want to let writer's block get to me.

I realize I don't do all of what you ask me to, I keep some distance between me and you.. But those times when I'm very busy, I have you in the back of my mind, just lingering. When I'm free, I turn to you when I feel bouts of sadness coming on to me. I realized something, which is that those moments of emptiness after all that activity, I could make use of that to turn my full attention to you again, and be thankful for my blessings, recall those happy moments I was lucky enough to have gone through. I could build up again that solid state of mind, after going through so much. Clarify my thoughts and worries, iron them out, writing down memories that I want to remember. Just to strengthen my state of mind, taking care of myself when all has gone still. It's comforting to think of you during those moments, thinking how nice it is that you'll still be there after all that has happened, and I could come back to you. I'm thankful that you let me go, learning so much through experiencing. I don't deny that it is a journey that can get so tough, and other times exciting. My mind is at peace thinking how I could fall back unto you after everything that has been done. Comfort... Is all we need, after a long, long journey. And when that moment of being completely alone is over, the ride starts all over again... Friends calling up to hangout, deadlines screaming to be caught up, working hard to consistently improve my work quality. Up or down, black or white, empty or full, I'll always look for the best in both scenarios... To preserve my mental health. I'm also thankful for my writing. So much to help me go through with life without destroying myself. I feel so blessed and thankful that I'm learning so much more from growing up. Years ago, I would've exploded and done something stupid and destructive to myself when moments of loneliness or sadness come by. But presently, I am more aware of how to take good care of myself, be less self destructive (better than how I used to be!), maintain good ties and keep around good company who won't let me swerve into the path of destruction. I'm happy just thinking how much better I am at managing all of this now, consistently growing better. Really... I give my sincerest thanks to you.

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