Thursday, August 30, 2012

To A Better State of Life

When I find someone whom I can trust and depend on, I shall gladly leave the world that I'm accustomed to behind - one where people have lies and hidden motives, all for their own gain, no thoughts of the consequences towards others. Trying to influence you with their twisted ideals, trying to pull you into their world.. And then leaving you starved by the roadside once their deed is done. Fuck all that nonsensical bullshit. (True to an extent, but I was just exaggerating about the road side).

Once I leave, I shall never look back. I'll be immersing myself in a more wholesome life. I admit that I already have people whom I can keep with me as I strive for a more wholesome lifestyle. The rest I shall leave behind and only keep the good. But before I can be blessed with this wholesome and fulfilling life that I dearly long for, I must strive to cleanse myself from the negative influences that would hold me back. That's why I'm starting to cut off the people who only prove to make things worse for me in my life. It's a gradual process, but I'm getting there. Soon I'll be able to share this with someone worthy. Commence a lifetime of adventures and exploring the terrestrial wonders. Leave behind all that was poisonous, and be free.

Seems like I'm weighed down by a lot of baggage - most of them from my own doing. It's just a result of my traversing down the broken path in order to learn from experience. Now that I'm starting to get tired from taking the road less travelled in all aspects of life, I need to start restricting this unorthodox method to only certain aspects of life which would not be harmful. I mean I'm still going to venture out, just more responsibly, now that I've been through a lot. I'll be bored if I just stay put. The adventures shall go on, just more responsibly. :)

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