Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Perfect Night of Solitude

Damn tonight is such a good night. It's one of those nice solitude moments. I've just finished with my usual routine and then cooked myself some dinner. Haven't done any cooking in a while. It's sardines and an egg tonight. A tad too salty, but damn I forgot how nice it is to cook, although its just something real simple. I'm too lazy to wash up, I just ate straight out of the frying pan. It's just too perfect, living like a bachelor. Haha. No need to fuss over stuff. Times like these I enjoy my single life, no pressure to answer to anyone and just indulge in whatever I feel like doing. Speaking of which, after that fair dinner, (which I ate straight out of the pan, lol), I'm having a nice carton of low fat milk. An absolutely delicious ending to a decent meal. Taking my time to finish my milk while watching TwoAwesomeGamers playing Minecraft on YouTube. And it's raining.. Just perfect. Now the only thing that could spoil the night is mosquitoes.. Just because I left the sliding doors open just now to let the cool air in. Alright back to my lovely night. I just wanted to record this perfect night in my blog. :)

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