Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glass Half Full

Sigh, I hate it when mosquitoes are about in the living room when I'm just chilling there. The itching's really annoying!

So I was having a boring weekend at home alone. Kinda getting acquainted with it, trying not to fill it up with so many weekend plans. So I actually get some house chores done, although it can get really boring when I have no plans. I'm just trying this out for a change. I have a hunch I'll finally get some work done on my portfolio with all that boredom and free time on my hands. Although I haven't done any for this weekend. Just watches loads of minecraft videos, cause that's what I felt like doing. Next weekend perhaps, finally work on the portfolio. I'm curious to see what personal projects I'm going to come up with, after all the stuff I've been doing at the office :D. Lol a guy was totally yelling his head off at the security guard's house downstairs. I stepped onto the balcony to have a smoke and check it out. He was yelling some indecipherable stuff to the guards and then went, "Fuck you!!" and then some more unintelligible shit. God, I hate people like that - those who create unnecessary chaos, just bothering the people around them. I saw this big bald guy who was trying to calm that arse hole down, who looks kinda like my ex from where I was standing. Ah, it looks just like what he would do if he were actually there. Makes me miss him.

So this weekend wasn't exactly just chilling at home alone. I did go out with this dude I talked to online. He was the one who was so persistent to meet up, so I was like, "Ok what the heck, just this once". Not that I was really into him. I did get free drinks and a light dinner after though, lol. And well, being a guy, he tried to make his moves on me, (after only meeting up once?!), so I got pretty annoyed and he must've gotten my message. What the heck man, you think you can sleep with/put your hands on me just because you bought me dinner? I was gonna pay for myself you know, but he declined. So don't blame me. After that incidents, I'm not gonna hang out with him, not if his thoughts are gonna be in that direction. Ugh. And I don't even like him. I'm disappointed with that guy, being older and all, but the way he carried himself just made me cringe on the inside. That's just a sign that I'm done with all that online bull crap, lol. Next challenge is to go out with the people I already know in real life.. Not that I'm too keen to date anytime soon. Just hanging out, fine by me. Haha I think it's good that my recent outing didn't go too well. All the better to fend me off. I think I might've gotten enough bullshit/ crappy experience on my plate to finally be able to walk away from it completely. I was putting myself through all that solely for the experience, also cause I'll have stories to tell others and relate experiences. Haha, I'm nothing short of boring :P or at least I try to be. Now, I'm at a mindset where I'm ready to settle down and stop playing around with experiments. Yeah, was just getting acquainted with human nature and all the experiences that come along with it. An interesting journey I have to say.

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