Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fat Bitch

Fucking hell I hate this. I'm so going on starvation mode. I look goddamn fat in some pictures, and people have been telling my friend that she lost weight, and I haven't heard that for myself yet, even though I've been going to the gym and cut down on my everyday eating. No physical difference, I need to step my fucking game up. Alright fucking starvation mode on! I'm so disappointed with myself. Fat bitch. Lol.

Lunch that I bought today? Well I'm gonna have em for breakfast tomorrow then. Fuck this shit. I hate this. You know how some people just seem to have fat genes, I mean like when it's easier for them to gain weight compared to others. I hate being like this - love food, can gain weight so fucking easily, gotta work harder to actually make a physical difference. Ha, goddamn genetics.

Time to step my game up to 200%, bitch. And actually maintain my regime this time. Maybe I should put up reminders on my walls. I mean it might be sorta self deprecating, but that's one way to actually push myself to remain consistent. This calls for pictures, reminders, etc.

Funny how just yesterday I was thinking of pigging out.

Tough love. Ha

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