Monday, October 15, 2012

Down, and Up Again

I reread the posts that I put up these past few days, and I can't deny that I seem to be losing it. It had been an all time low for me recently, and after today's extra rigorous gym session (because I felt pretty bad for pigging out and letting myself go of late), I'm feeling pretty high. Roller coaster mood swings. This can't be good.

So when I came home from work, my sister was doing her homework in the living room..

Me: Why are you talking to yourself?
Little Sister: Because it's fun!

Oh no. Does crazy run in the family? Like big sister, like little sister. Sigh. Lol.

On another note, I wish me and my brother were this close. We used to be kinda like two peas in a pod. I guess there was just too much sibling rivalry as we grew older, hence the distancing. Well, I know I'm ready to hash things out, so I guess I'll just wait for him to reach that stage as well. Teenagers. On the bright side, we can only grow older, not backwards. :)

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