Friday, November 9, 2012

Forever Bleeping Alone

You know what, it's always been the lack of attention which causes my breakups. So I'm gonna keep living my life the way I do when I'm single. It takes a special person when I finally will acknowledge his association with me. Lol.

I'm starting to think I'm being an attention seeker. But I think it's a normal thing for people in relationships to actually pay attention to each other.

I may seem cold, but I've already tried being the opposite. Very understanding, cooperative, etc. everything that turns me into a pushover. Didn't work. Those bastards will treat you like shit if u stretch yourself for him. I tried twice, both didn't fucking work. I'm back to my usual self, pretty much cold. Let the guy be the gentleman. See if he's worth it. And in time then I'll start opening up. I've tried my part but in doing that I'm only giving them a warrant to walk all over me.


Okay this isn't so bad. I guess I was getting depressed because I was living in the past. Pulling myself back to the present now. And I feel so much better, at peace. This isn't so bad, today isn't. I'm not eating, just laying down and closing my eyes. Playing jazz on the iPhone radio app. Hibernating at home alone till the weekend ends I reckon, haha. Later suckers.

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