Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh The Thankfulness

I'm a sucker for nights like these. It's raining and I have jazz music playing, lying down and doing nothing, so relaxing. Thank God for nights like these. Earlier on I was admiring the pretty view from the balcony, dancing alone to jazz. I'm thankful for this lovely condo that I get to stay in. Even if I'm all alone. It's still such a lovely night. I'm sorry for my boyfriend who's busy with my other good friend tonight. He is the one who introduced me to my boyfriend. The three of us were supposed to hang out tonight but work came up so they gotta go. Too bad. I'm not angry anymore though. Tonight's turning out to be pretty lovely, thank God. The power of living in the present, appreciating everything around you. Thank you.

Oh and another thing that came to my mind just now... Favorite pastime: Chilling at a jazz bar with a cute guy. Haha. Man I can get really shallow sometimes.

Speaking of cute guys, I gotta say my boyfriend is good looking. Pretty much my type of good looking, those striking eyes and black hair. He's tall, huggable. Mmm Mmm. Lol. Too bad he's busy, again! He's with my good friend tho, whom I trust pretty much. With my boyfriend I can't say it's love yet, even he himself said so. I do admit its very weird, but hey so far things are alright. So I'm okay living in the moment. With best wishes for the future.

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