Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let Me Tell You A Story

I had a decent dinner today, at a shisha restaurant near my condo. I was sitting alone, eating, reading and smoking. On the table next to me, there were two girls chatting away. Feeling uncomfortable with the growing crowd around the area, I got up and left - carrying my really heavy handbag and a plastic bag filled with two drain uncloggers.

As I made my way to the taxi stand, I heard yelling behind me and a Malay guy came running. Looking back at them, first stupid thought that came to mind, "Why are they running and yelling?". Then it finally dawned on me after 3 full seconds and the snatch thief was already ahead of me. I wanted to trip him badly, but felt helpless with my two heavy loads, so I hoped that someone would heed the poor girl's yelling for help. I saw two security guards running after the bastard, but it looked like they wouldn't make it.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a Persian looking guy came out of the crowd and chased the bugger at full speed. He was slowly advancing on the thief and I was praying, "Catch him, catch him!". Mr Hero managed to catch up with him and made him stumble temporarily, but he tried to get away again. He was then caught up by the two security guards and they finally stopped him, two hands locked behind his head.

As the guards were escorting the criminal, the victim came up running and yelling stuff like, "You piece of shit!". The onlooking crowd was cheering and applauding. I was happily speechless as I approached a taxi, and the hero. Our eyes locked for a second and I beamed widely at him, genuinely happy. We both went our separate ways.

It was amazing looking at the event unfold moments ago. I'm really glad that justice has been served. A bit guilty too because I could've tripped the thief. It could have been my bag, since I was at the table right next to those two girls, and if I hadn't left earlier. Speaking of justice, the other table nearby held a bunch of lawyers, lol.

The hero was pretty good looking too, lol.

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