Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Annoying List

List of annoying and/or disgusting habits:

- Chewing loudly, making those squelchy noises.
- Blowing the nose in public.
- People who don't use their real name on Facebook, or uses some name that I can't tell who the fuck it is. Like what the fuck is this fucking stranger doing on my friends list. Haha serves them right when they start getting deleted by their friends after they changed to that fucking stupid username. Lol. I'm really grumpy today.
- Taxi drivers who don't know the roads, not doing their job. Wasting my time, energy and money!! Fuck fuck fuck.
- How I can't seem to lose weight, or how hard it is to keep the weight off. Well, when I do, it always comes right back up so quickly. It's fucking annoying that I have to keep starving myself if I want to stay thin. That, or go to the gym everyday, which I can't.

I'll be adding more later.

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